Our Story

Farmhouse Charcuterie was born out of a love of food and a passion for incredible ingredients.

I started out working in kitchens and found that one of the most exciting things about cooking was being able to work with the quality ingredients we would get in the kitchen. I liked the idea of a farm-to-table restaurant – being able to serve food picked that morning was a level of quality and freshness you couldn’t get anywhere else.

After several years of working in fine dining and farm-to-table restaurants, I decided I wanted to be closer to the source of the products, so I began my journey into farming. At the end of 2020, I purchased my first six pigs along with four goats and Four Goats Farm was born.

Inspired by the quality of the pork I was getting from my pigs, and the beauty of traditional food preservation methods, I began making my own salumi at home. I found my home-cured salumi was delicious and far better than anything that could be found at the supermarket, as well as fully preserved and able to last until the end of time.

Unfortunately, home cured meats can’t be sold legally the public, so I had to look for other methods of getting it to market.

I contacted La Cultura Salumi in Belleville, ON and soon found we shared the same passion for traditionally-cured Italian meats, and by partnering with them I was able to cure and hang my own salami and salumi in their fully licensed facility.

Farmhouse Charcuterie now produces delicious salami and salumi from our own pigs, available to be sold across Ontario.

Our pigs

We raise heritage mixed breed pigs, predominantly Large Black and Tamworth. Our pigs live outdoors year-round in the brush and forest areas of the farm. They get to spend their days roaming around in the forest and socializing with each other, giving them a natural lifestyle that mimics how they would live in the wild. Alongside the plethora of nuts and plants they forage, they are also given a daily ration of organic whey and waste dairy mixed with some organic grain, giving them a delicious porridge to eat for breakfast and dinner.

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